Welcome to Virtual.Scarefest

A new experience from team Scarefest, as we couldn’t all meet together and run the event as planned we moved online and held our first virtual event.
We are keeping this website live into 2021 so you can continue to enjoy the activities, relive previous events and learn about the history of Scarefest.

Ghost stories around the campfire will happen as soon as restrictions ease and we are able to go to the site and film them so please do still do the activity and send us your stories.

The cinema and live pages have been updated with all the videos now available and all-time restrictions now removed from the activities with everything activated for you to get stuck into.

We hope you enjoyed adventuring into the virtual world and look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able.

Team Scarefest

Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed Virtual.Scarefest? We look forward to welcoming you back to Gilwell Park when we are able with more activities than ever before.

We love all feedback good and bad, without it we cant improve so please leave any comments below.

Live streams

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