We have a selection of activities to keep you busy at home, in small groups or you could even do these via zoom.
These dont have to be done at home and can be fun for the family to get stuck into at home.

There is a what you need list at the bottom of the page for all the activities, each activity has what you need on its own page.

We can not wait to see your creations and we hope you have fun getting stuck in.

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Escape Rooms


Ghost story writing

Hot chocolate making

Live streams


Face painting

Mask and costume making

Pumpkin carving

Doughnuts on string

Apple bobbing

Sweets in flour

Pumpkin soup

Mummy hot dogs

Veggie skeleton

Marshmallow and apple teeth

What you need:

Hot chocolate powder.
Mini marshmallows.
Squirty cream.
Boiling water.
Large mug.

Facepaint – many colours make for more fun.
Facepaint brushes.
Wet wipes or somewhere to wash it off.
Clean towel.

Don’t forget to check you not allergic to facepaint before covering your face in it.
If you are allergic to face paints some makeups can work well as an alternative.

Instead of using pre-made materials the challenge will be to make a costume from things around the home but we recommend the following:

Cereal boxes.
Parcel boxes.
Bin liners.
Old clothes.
Tin foil.
Drinking Straws.
Toilet roll tubes.

A pumpkin to carve.
A marker pen.
Carving tools like a knife, spoon.
Ice cream scoop or similar.
A large bowl.
A table cloth to work on.
An adult to help. 
A tea light candle.


To create an expertly carved pumpkin you will also need:

A computer and a printer.
Masking tape.
Old pen (like a biro).
Sharp knife.

A table cloth or covering (to place on the floor to catch the mess).
Ring doughnuts – we use small ones but large ones will work (but can be too heavy).
String (ideally not used for anything else so is clean and fresh).
A place to tie the string to – 2 people could hold it or maybe used a door frame or outside with 2 trees or posts.

A plastic floor covering if doing it inside.
Some tasty apples.
A washed and clean bowl or bucket.
A clean face towel.

A table cloth or covering.
Some tasty sweets.
A backing tray or large plate.
Some plain flour.
A place to wash your faces after.
A clean towel.

Pumpkin carving leftovers.
2 tbsp Olive oil.
2 Onions.
700ml Vegetable or Chicken stock.
150ml Double cream.
Large saucepan.
Stove or hob.
Hand blender.
Wooden spoon.

Hot dogs or a vegan or vegetarian alternative.
Croissant dough.
Sauce like mustard, ketchup, bbq or anything else.
Pizza cutter, kitchen scissors or sharp knife.
A little butter.
Baking tray.
Baking sheet.
An Oven.

Lettuce leaves.
Olives (if you like them but not essential if you don’t).
Veggie dip in a small bowl.
Baby carrots.
Bell pepper (any colour works).
Cherry tomatoes, radish or grapes.
Cucumber or courgette.

Large apples but smaller ones will also work.
Mini marshmallows.
Nutella/peanut butter/icing or other sticky tasty fillings.
A knife.

Writing paper.
Plain paper.
Your imagination.